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Mr John Irvine

The original brochure was produced to mark 750 years of worship and witness in Kirkcaldy Old Parish Church. Kirkcaldy Old has a rich and varied history and has come through many challenges. The anniversary is not only about the past, but is concerned with a future and is celebrated in the hope that we will continue to move forward in the years to come in the service of Jesus Christ. In so doing, we can gain inspiration from those who have gone before us.

I am deeply indebted to Mr John Irvine who carried out the research and wrote the narrative. I would also like to thank Mr Ian McLeod who took the present-day photographs and Mrs Ella Ritchie who typed the manuscript. The original brochure was sponsored by Scottish Power and the Clydesdale Bank and the paper for it was very kindly donated by Tullis Russell.

I hope that you enjoyed reading our story and that you will have discovered something new about Kirkcaldy and the church which has witnessed to Jesus Christ for 750 years.

Rev John A. Ferguson

July 1993

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